Why are women so quick to excuse men bad behavior? Why is everything they do wrong, pacified and made light of with the suggestions of “that’s just men, that’s what men do, it could be worse.”

Women, we are expected to be patient, loving and nurturing to our children, cook, clean, and work a full time job. With men it’s like it’s okay for them to fall apart, be annoyed, lose their patience; because ‘they’re a man.’

Why is a woman expected to be Superman but the man can just play Robin; a sidekick that only comes in when you’re starting to fall apart?

Women are so strong and it is used against us!

The expectation that we will figure it out, we will get through it, we will catch everybody else when they fall, is what leads to the bad moods, the intimacy disruptions, the mental breakdowns, the feeling of ‘never being good enough, never being enough.’

The frustration that comes from a part time, full time live in; male counterpart, is what feeds into the frustration and short tempers towards the children and spouse.

We WANT to do everything for our families and be the one that builds the foundation for our family and children’s lives.

BUT, we get tired. We get restless. We get over stimulated. We get overwhelmed. We feel defeated by the small things because we’re always focused on fixing the bigger things.

We want a break.

Society makes it seem as if a mother who wants to step away and take a break from her children, isn’t fit to be a mother because the assumption is that she doesn’t want her children. The stigma of what a mom is and isn’t supposed to do when raising children and having a spouse, varies so much and you can’t compete with everyone’s version.

They type of mom I am:

Strict, Involved, Emotional, Short; as in straight to the point, Goofy yet; Straight to point and I take/accept NO NONSENSE.

Type of wife I am:

“I am not your slave, your nanny, your ‘play thing’ , when I’m tired YOU WILL KNOW.

When I am fed up YOU WILL BE TOLD.

When I don’t feel like cleaning that day and can’t find the energy to play with the kids—-YOU NEED TO PICK UP WHERE I LEFT OFF.

I am not submissive in all ways if it is not sensitive to my needs, desires, or wants. I go with the flow and do my best day to day, and if it’s not good enough, I’m the mother and wife who responds “OH WELL.”

I am not superwoman and I WILL NEVER BE! I do not believe in pacifying anyone or excusing any behaviors that are unacceptable or unfair to me regardless of age, sex, race, etc.

If you’re not a baby you get no pacifier from me!


About wisdomissophia

I am married mother of 5 beautiful children. I am a writer, blogger, creator and focused individual. I have been through quite a bit in my 34 years of living and I am not ashamed of or afraid to tell my story. My writing is a way of telling my truths and helping others at the same time. We all have a story to tell and if our story will encourage, uplift, change or transforms someone's life, we ALL need to tell our story. Our life and everything that is entails, is our story.
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